It is my pleasure to invite you to participate as a sponsor or vendor in the annual She’s So H.O.O.D Awards Show on April 11th 2020.


 The She’s So H.O.O.D Awards honor young ladies who display the principles of Gyrls In The H.O.O.D Foundation.


Gyrls In The HOOD Foundation Is currently looking for teen gyrls to celebrate at our upcoming "She's So H.O.O.D." Award Showcase, the Lemonade Edition. 🍋

Nomination Criteria:

Nominate a gyrl ages 13-19 residing in Chicagoland who displays excellence despite her circumstances.

Award Categories are:

Healthy: This award goes to an student athlete who consistently demonstrates a knowledge of making wise choices regarding personal/community nutrition and fitness.

Optimistic: This award will recognize an individual with a disability, illness, or other condition, who displays an positive attitude and has overcome limitations. This person has found ways to excel in the face of adversity.

Outstanding: This award recognizes an individual who consistently demonstrates high academic achievement including grades, creativity, critical thinking, classroom participation, and other behaviors that contribute to excellence in scholarship.

Determined: This award will recognize an individual who is a proven leader. Leadership can be demonstrated through courage and tolerance; inspiring others through actions, acceptance and understanding of differences; and/or by maintaining high standards in difficult situations.


Sell your products at the upcoming She's So H.O.O.D. Youth Excellence Awards Showcase. Our vendor marketplace is now accepting applications to small businesses looking for exposure.


We are now seeking sponsors and vendors who would like to demonstrate their commitment to the community and gain brand exposure in front of the minority families.

As always, thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.