Gyrls In The H.O.O.D. Foundation mission is to increase positive reproductive health outcomes amongst adolescent females residing in urban areas considered "hood" We also aim to redefine negative stereotypes placed on gyrls based on their zip codes. 

Gyrls In The H.O.O.D Foundation core principles HEALTHY, OPTIMISTIC, OUTSTANDING, AND DETERMINED are integrated through our programs which revolve around sexual health education, community service, and excellence recognition.  This 501c(3) nonprofit organization that takes pride in meeting the basic needs of Chicagoland gyrls. We have engaged and served hundreds of gyrls across the city through education, empowerment, events. 

We hope to one day have our own center to provide in house programming.

H.O.O.D Talk

An ongoing series of informational entries from our Founder


September 23, 2019

Thank you so much for visiting our website, we appreciate your presence. So many times people ask me why did you use the word hood? Why would you want to brag about the hood? It's a fair question (sometimes) and here's my answer. I don't see what the average person sees when they look at our neighborhoods. Some people say are neighborhoods are filled with poverty, crime, and lazy people. Although the crime in Chicago is ridiculous and shameful, it doesn't tell the whole story. I see a COMMUNITY with people that are going about their lives every day. I see homeowners who takes good care of their property, I see tenants getting together to form block clubs in an effort to combat crime and beautify their space, I see kids going to school trying to get an education, I see taxpayers filled with hope, courage, and tenacity.  That's what I see. It's true that the gyrls residing in these communities have a different set of challenges than gyrls who reside in more affluent areas but should they suffer? It is our job to meet those challenges and help them move on to the next level in life.  Gyrls living in Englewood are not less than, are not less valuable, are not less worthy. It is our belief that provided with the same resources such as good schools, access to healthcare especially reproductive and mental health services, employment opportunities that our gyrls can and will succeed. PERIOD!!

We are available for workshop and speaking engagements bookings.


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